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Jim C. Hamer Companies are committed to the proper management of forest resources. We own and manage thousands of acres of forestland in the Appalachion Region of the eastern United States. Jim C. Hamer Companies have been honored by state and national organizations for our forestry programs.

We are also a certified Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Producer by the Appalachian Hardwood Verified Sustainable program of Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. View our certificate here.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, managed forests offer more biodiversity than "preserved" forests. To manage a forest means to take care of it, use it, and be a good steward of it.

Reasons For The "Managed Forest" Approach:
The U.S. demands and needs the 10,000 wood products that come from the forests.
Our country has set aside 13,000,000 acres of preserved, old forests for aesthetic value, academic study, history, etc. (We support setting aside some forests for preservation.)
The 1.7 million employees (and their families) in the United States in the wood products industry need these jobs.
Managed forests produce more oxygen for the atmosphere than old forests. Old trees at the end of their life cycle use more oxygen than they produce.
Forest fires are greatly reduced by managing the forest.
Toilet paper is more human friendly than toilet plastic (just one example, try it with plastic wrap!)
Since trees are 100% renewable. recyclable and biodegradable, they can be managed well for humans and the environmental good of the planet.
To ensure good management practices, many laws regulate how the forests are treated.
Managed forests are healthier forests.
The Bible states that trees are for human use and should be carefully managed (Genesis 1).
Responsible management practices are increasing the ratio of trees to people. There are currently 1,000 trees per person and that ratio is increasing annually.
The wood products industry provides enormous tax revenues.
Facts established by science favor the managed forest approach.
Managed forests are more protected from the ravages of disease and weather related calamities.
Correctly managed forests protect wildlife (including endangered species), clean air and water, and provide a healthy ecosystem for the future.
The U.S. has more professional foresters (who oversee the health of the forests) than any country in the world.